Clean + Conscious Awards 2024 Entry form. Our ingredient list needed only 10 words of the 500 allocated.

Clean + Conscious Awards 2024 Entry form. Our ingredient list needed only 10 words of the 500 allocated.

Clean + Conscious Awards 2024 Entry form. Our ingredient list needed only 10 words of the 500 allocated.

Vitis V Clean + Conscious Awards Entry Form

Product Category* Micro-Batch Skincare.

Product Name* Vitis V Face TonIQ.

Full Ingredients/Materials List (INCI)* Vitis Vinifera (Grape) seed oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) seed extract. (490 of 500 Words(s) left).

Recommended Retail Price* $140

Product Description / Relevant Information*

Vitis V produces one product from two naturally occurring ingredients (as per the legal definition AICIS), up-cycled from a byproduct of wine-making. As we up-cycle, or capture value from a byproduct, Vitis V is part of the circular economy and inherently sustainable. By being innovative with an existing resource, Vitis V avoids extra pressure on the environment with no need for anything further to be grown, harvested or manufactured. Vitis V Face TonIQ is pure, clean, nutrient -rich and contains skin nourishing, fortifying and boosting compounds that are essential for optimal skin function. Required, needed, fundamental, indispensable and necessary are the definitions of essential. Vitis V Face TonIQ contains compounds that our body cannot make, they must be supplied. By applying these fully active, bio-available, essential compounds directly to the skin topically ensures that their action is most effective, concentrated and potent. Uniquely Vitis V Face TonIQ is essential for all skin types. 100% Australian product that is made in the Barossa Valley South Australia. A blend of two ingredients. Cold pressed, unrefined, unfiltered, raw, unfermented grapeseed oil which is enriched with white grape seed extract. Both ingredients made without heat or solvents, by us in small batches from Australian grape seeds ensuring the retention of all the inherent phytonutrients. This delicate blend provides essential nutrients, Linoleic acid and y-tocotrienol an unsaturated form of Vitamin E and multiple antioxidants sources including super antioxidant proanthocyanidins. Vitis V is determined to redefine the skincare industry by education and advocating for a simplified skincare routine of;

  1. Clean (using water and gentle physical action).
  2. Nourish, Fortify and Boost, Vitis V Face TonIQ.
  3. Protect (Zinc oxide, Reef safe Sunscreen).

and by doing so contribute to the health and well-being of humans and the planet. Our commitment to simplicity, science, efficacy, respect for nature, sustainability, and ethical values is setting a new standard for skincare. By focusing on essential skin nutrients from wine-making byproducts with considered manufacturing and packaging, Vitis V Face TonIQ not only contributes to sustainability but also simultaneously enhances skin's health and ultimately your well-being. Complexity doesn't do your skin any favours. Vitis V is built on the link between science, function of skin and the regenerative power of nature and where minimalism means maximum results.

Product Description Summary - for publishing in Directory. 50 words max*

Pure, Clean, Nutrient-rich Essential skincare. Your essential daily dose of nature's luxury to rebalance, regenerate, restore & restructure every skin type for your most nourished & radiant skin. Multi-functional & effective, Vitis V Face TonIQ replaces multiple beauty steps into one single, concentrated blend for a simplified nourishing skincare routine.

How do you embrace Ethical Practices? * This can include the choice of ingredients, third party testing procedures, assurances against child labour and animal cruelty etc. Please include the country of manufacture.

Vitis V is a people, planet and purpose driven business. We care about now and the future. Vitis V complies to all Australian laws including but not limited to; Trade practice, Weights & measures, Employment law, WHS, Human rights, Anti-discrimination and harassment laws. We believe in and behave with honest & transparent communication. We are always Science - first and test our products on ourselves and other human friends not animals. Our production process does not produce any toxic waste and we comply to all Environmental laws. Vitis V aims to become B-corp certified achieving third party endorsement that Vitis V is a business for good. We use Australian suppliers as first choice We check ethical certifications of suppliers. Our cylinder supplier is REACH certified and soy ink printed and our glass manufacturer is ISO14001 accredited. Curiosity is a foundational value of Vitis V and we continually ask ‘What can we do better?’ of ourselves and those we work with.

How do you embrace Sustainability? * This can include details about your product, product packaging materials (e.g. glass, plastic, aluminium), and/or postal packaging. It may also include details of your ingredients and ways of reducing your environmental footprint (e.g. plastic or carbon offsets, running a zero-waste office, product life-cycle considerations) etc.

Vitis V Face TonIQ is up-cycled from a byproduct of winemaking. Two ingredients both made from unfermented grape seeds produced without heat or solvents and naturally occurring as per the legal definition of AICIS. Solar generated electricity is used in production and packaging. Plastic use has been reduced to one element in the product. The button top on the pipette. Plastic throughout the supply chain has been removed or requested to be removed/eliminated including the thermal printed shipping ecolabel supplier to remove plastic backing and is currently in progress. Packaged in Miron glass to preserve the product without the use of chemical preservatives and recyclable cardboard cylinder that is TSC certified. Supplied with an organic bamboo and cotton facecloth to eliminate single use packing materials and to encourage the use of water and gentle physical action only for face cleaning. Packaging is minimised to remove weight, total packaging weight 0.185gms including product. Mailer (made from corn) and shipping ecolabel are domestically compostable. We send plantable Christmas cards made from recycled paper embedded with swan river daisy seeds and we continually advocate for sustainability through The Lab within the Vitis V website to educate and redefine behaviours & beliefs around skincare. Because ultimately if you use less, that is true sustainability. We batch produce to match demand to eliminate any product waste and to ensure the nutrients contain within Vitis V Face TonIQ retain freshness and potency. Our short shelf life (6 months) is your guarantee of purity. Vitis V Face TonIQ replaces 9+ skincare products.

How do you embrace your Social Responsibility? * This can include everything you are doing which could benefit your local and global communities. This could include supporting charities, employing individuals from minority groups, education initiatives and local community engagement etc.

2% of Vitis V Face TonIQ sales are donated as unrestricted funds to charitable causes. To date Vitis V has donated to Plastic Soup Foundation - Beat the Microbead. Plastic Soup Foundation is a UN Environment Programme accredited, non-governmental organisation based in the Netherlands and founded in February 2011. It is a non-profit organisation located in Amsterdam that focuses on stopping plastic pollution at the source worldwide.

Catherine House Adelaide provides crisis, longer term accommodation and support services to women experiencing homelessness in South Australia.

Lighthouse Youth Projects - Bicycle driven mentoring for disadvantage youth.

The Australian Conservation Foundation