From the vineyard to your bathroom: Vitis V was created with efficacy, quality, luxury, simplicity, the environment, and social conscience in mind.

A cold-pressed, unrefined, unfiltered, unfermented grapeseed oil that replaces multiple beauty steps into one single, effective, plant only skincare Face TonIQ.

Highly absorbent. Nutrient-rich. Multi-functional. Super Antioxidants. Australian made. Two concentrated ingredients in one potent blend inspired by the craft of winemaking.

For those who enjoy the finer things in life.

With over 30 years as an award-winning winemaker, Vitis V founder Susan Mickan knows the delicate balance between art, science and luxury.

Working across some of the best vineyards in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Spain and China, her intimate knowledge and expertise of the craft of winemaking, science, nature and environment led her to ask a major skincare question:

‘If the essential oils only make up 1% of skincare products, AND they are a major source of irritation, inflammation and sensitisation what exactly is in the other 99%?’

The answer is predominantly water and oils. Oils that are often petrochemically derived as well as emulsifiers, surfactants, fillers and highly processed, resource demanding ingredients. Ingredients designed to force components together that naturally do not want to be combined.

The emphasis or misdirection in skincare has traditionally been on essential oils with other plant oils dismissed as carrier oils. In fact, the plant oil and its fatty acid profile is the active part to skincare as your skin barrier needs lipids and specifically Linoleic acid. Not all plant oils are beneficial to skin function. Predominately oleic acid oils cause skin barrier disruption and can cause dermatitis with continual use. Each plant oil has unique constituents and its the understanding of this profile that determines if the plant oil is advantageous or detrimental to skin Essential oils can cause undesired reactions, inflammation and sensitivities even at less than 1%

Critical to winemaking is the intimate knowledge of grapes and oxidation. Critical to skin appearance is the mitigation of oxidative reactions. Researching the components of grapeseed oil, a byproduct of wine making, and discovering that this oil’s lipid profile has one of the highest natural concentrations of Linoleic acid, a nutrient essential for skin function, uncovered the potential of unfermented grape seeds as a component of an effective, nutrient-rich skincare product.

The seeds were cultivated.

After extensive research, scientific literature reviews, sourcing the unfermented grapeseed, making the ingredients, blending trials and testing on human friends Vitis V was developed.