Vitis V Face Toniq replaces multiple beauty steps into one single, nutrient-rich blend.

True high-quality luxury skincare should be waste-free, respect nature and all human beings. Because when skincare is pure, clean, nutrient-rich and effective like Vitis V, minimalism really means maximum results.

Our multi-functional, effective Face TonIQ is powered by cold-pressed, unrefined, unfiltered, raw unfermented grapeseed oil which offers one of the richest concentrations of Linoleic acid and Vitamin E, both essential nutrients our skin needs to function optimally but cannot synthesise

Grape seed extract offers one of nature’s highest concentration of super antioxidants Proanthocyanidins

Blended to make Vitis V Face TonIQ. Pure, clean nutrient-rich that supplies essential and protective components for optimal skin function.

Ever curious, creative and committed to doing better, Vitis V is about the true luxury that time and nature provide. We are unhurried in what we do and committed to providing you with a pure, clean nutrient-rich product to support skin function so that you achieve your most radiant and nourished skin and feel your finest.


We live by:


Complexity doesn’t do your skin any favours. When the product is concentrated, multi-functional and effective, you need less.

The Vitis V blend focuses on the best of what nature offers. One product replaces multiple skincare steps for beauty with ease.

Away from the hype and the noise and the distractions, it’s luxury bottled.

Respect for Nature.

Needing less means using less: time, resources, creativity and energy.

Every aspect of Vitis V is crafted with nature in mind. Our hero ingredients, grapeseed oil and grapeseed extract are both made from seeds that are a by-product of winemaking. By being innovative with an existing resource, Vitis V avoids extra pressure on the environment with no need for anything further to be grown, harvested or manufactured.

Vitis V is local, cold-pressed, blended and bottled in the Barossa Valley, Australia. Batch-produced, we only press as required.

The simple and minimalist skincare regimen of the Vitis V Face TonIQ means fewer ingredients, fewer products, less consumption, less pressure on finite resources, less plastic, less waste—and leads to greater skin function, skin radiance and confidence for you.

What’s on the outside is important, too. Vitis V is packaged in Miron glass which protects its potency from oxidation and in a cardboard cylinder which are both readily recyclable. Our mailers and labels are compostable. We use a reusable organic cotton and bamboo face cloth as packing so not to use disposable materials and is our gift to you.

It’s never a completed task. Our commitment to reduce our environmental impact is one we continually seek to improve alongside our suppliers: more recycled content, less plastic, less processing and more natural alternatives. We will always ask the question ‘What can we do better?’ to ourselves and those we work with.

We live by: Science.

Vitis V is built on the link between the science and function of skin and the regenerative power of nature.


We live by: Ethical values.

We test our products on ourselves and other human friends, not animals. Vitis V is only plants and contains no animal products or animal by-products.

By the bottle:

Our extraction process.

Vitis V is cold-pressed, settled by gravity and enriched with grapeseed polyphenols (aka antioxidants). We don’t filter or refine, to retain all the natural and synergistic benefits of the oil and extract, including chlorophyll which aids the body accelerate healing and tissue renewal for improved skin condition.

Cold-pressing is a non-negotiable step and the process we insist on. It preserves the natural integrity for powerful, synergistic super-premium quality that is otherwise lost with the commercial heat and solvent extraction process which damages the very elements that offer the most benefit to your skin.


We source and use only the finest and most potent raw material in our concentrated blend, combining the science of nature and skin with our 30 years as winemakers.

Vitis V Face TonIQ is a delicate blend of two ingredients: Australian Vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil and Vitis vinifera (grape) seed extract. The oil is one of the highest sources of Linoleic acid, which is essential for skin function, but cannot be synthesised by the body.

With so few ingredients, quality is paramount. Freshness is critical to the effectiveness of Vitis V. To ensure all the antioxidants that benefit your skin are retained, we cold-press unfermented grape seeds. We batch-produce based on your demand to guarantee potency and freshness and avoid any overproduction and waste.

Cold-pressed, blended and bottled at its most potent, our Face Toniq is your essential daily dose of nature's luxury. Because it is bioactive, we have retained all the phytonutrient components and do not use preservatives—it has a shorter shelf life. While it is fine to use longer than the recommended two months, this is when it’s at its best. Each time the bottle is opened and air is introduced, the oxygen reacts with the polyphenols and diminishes the antioxidant capacity. This antioxidant capacity is beneficial to your skin. Plus, you’ll see results if you’re using and loving consistently.

By the bottle:


Our Face TonIQ is a hazy green golden colour with flecks of brown. These are the polyphenols from the grapeseed extract—antioxidants that you can see. Guided by nature, the colour, texture and scent of every bottle varies slightly. Each unique difference is one to celebrate and reflects our commitment to using only 100% natural ingredients


Experience the natural toasty, nutty and grapey notes. Vitis V Face TonIQ is unscented and fragrance free. We do not add any essential oils which can cause sensitivities.

Vitis V Face Toniq

A cold-pressed Face TonIQ made with two powerful ingredients for maximum results. Rebalance, restore, restructure and rejuvenate every skin type for your most nourished and radiant skin.