This is not a Book Club

This is not a Book Club. Kim & Margo, Vintage Longbottom and the H range.

This is not a Book Club

Welcome to This is not a Book Club, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Dulwich village, Adelaide. Created by the dynamic mother-daughter duo, Kim and Margo, this multifunctional space is a haven that houses the office for Vintage Longbottom, serves as an enchanting cellar door, and transforms into a beloved local community wine bar. Here, they offer a warm and inviting environment, devoid of pretension, where you can find a great glass of wine, company, conversation and if you are lucky a couple of very loved pooches.

In Kim and Margo’s club they celebrate the simple act of enjoying a glass of wine just like the simple joy of reading without the burden of searching for profound enlightenment, as often is the case in book clubs or for that matter pretentious wine tastings. Instead, This is not a Book Club focus, is on the delight of savoring wine and fostering meaningful connections with others. Join them to relish the simple pleasure of a glass of wine and the connections it brings.

At This is not book Club, they believe that the pleasures of life are best enjoyed with a glass in hand and good company by your side.

This is not a Book Club is found at 65E Dulwich Ave Dulwich Instagram@‌thisisnota_bookclub

Vintage Longbottom

H Range is “elegant and contemporary cool climate varieties, grown and crafted in the Adelaide Hills to excite your senses”

H Range Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2022.

This is nota_ typical Sauvigon Blanc. The overt grassy herbaceous Sauvignon blanc notes have been replaced with sophisticated but not aloof tropical and roasted stonefruits. The texture is not linear but has viscosity, generosity and creaminess. Really interesting, flavoursome and complexed by skilled use of oak maturation, enough for texture, intrigue and length without being overt.

H Range Adelaide Hills Pinot / Shiraz 2021.

This is nota_ typical Pinot Noir, it has Shiraz in it. (well they are being honest about it unlike so many others. Australia does have the 15% rule) I like this collaboration. Like all good collaborations the whole is greater than the individuals. The Shiraz has added vibrancy without dominating. The colour has gained brighter red hues, the nose has benefited with a spicey pepperiness and the palate has added mid palate weight. The selection and blending of the Shiraz has enhanced without detracting from the Pinot Noir core. Just like a sprinkle of salt in cooking the Shiraz has brought out the flavour of the Pinot Noir. Masterful winemaking.