Welcome to The Lab.

Welcome to The Lab.

Welcome to The Lab.

We never stop asking questions of ourselves and those around us, to create deeper connections, impact and make things better.

As part of this commitment, Vitis V The Lab is where we share. We share knowledge, what we love, what we believe in and what inspires us. All underpinned by Vitis V brand values.

We live by simplicity, respect for nature, science and ethical values.

A single blend to replace multiple steps in your skincare regime so you can achieve your most nourished and radiant skin and feel your finest every day. Vitis V Face TonIQ eliminates the need for resource demanding, planet harming, skin function damaging unnecessary ineffective complicated routines.

From the opacity of the glass, to the percentage of Linoleic acid, and the infusion of super antioxidants, to our selectively sourced nutrient dense unfermented grape seeds; the decisions we make are all based on science. It’s the formula to our multi-functional, highly beneficial, super effective tonIQ.

The uncomplicated truth is most important to us. Our ingredients, experts and our passion for what we do are all powered by clear and genuine intentions. We use simple, uncomplicated and honest language to communicate our message.

Our whole ethos is grounded in the belief that the highest quality skincare should be waste-free, respect nature and all human beings. We care for and contribute meaningfully to the world. Because minimalism can and does lead to maximum results when it’s pure, clean and nutrient rich for our customers and the planet.

We never stop asking questions of ourselves and those around us, to create deeper connections, impact and make things better.

The Lab is split into 4 separate labs;

In the Ethics Lab we share our ethos, values and guiding principles our compass for what we do and how we behave. individually, collectively socially and environmentally. It is through shared values that we connect and develop trust.

In the Nature Lab, we share what inspires us and hopefully inspires you, because nature never ceases to create awe, wonder and humility.

In the Science Lab we share learnings and knowledge. Our education driven by curiosity and asking questions. It is where we will continually evolve because all learning starts with curiosity. Our goal is to spark deeper thinking and meaningful questions!

In the Sensory Lab we share what delights us. It could be visually, tactile or audible. It will include a bi-monthly wine recommendation that delights our aroma and taste senses and hopefully yours. Vinous gems from Australia that are widely available and always outstanding value for money. This is where we celebrate what it is to experience being human.

Above all else, we will always endeavour to add value.

Part of our responsibility value is respecting all human beings, and this includes your time!