Vitis V Why a Toniq?

Why a TonIQ?

Vitis V Why a Toniq?

What is a TonIQ?

When Vitis V was being developed, we spent hours discussing the naming of the product as traditional skincare terms did not apply. It isn’t a product designed to be part of a complicated time-consuming, resource greedy routine that does nothing or worse damages your skin and hurts the planet.

Our TonIQ is a skincare essential that contains only bioavailable, naturally derived, readily penetrable, highly concentrated, active phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are produced by plants only and have nourishing, antioxidant, protective and anti inflammatory properties. Essential as it contains nutrients our body cannot synthesise.

It absorbs quickly and does not leave any sticky greasy residue. It is minimised ingredients for maximum results it contains essential components for optimal skin function without petrochemical synthetic chemicals, sensitiser and phytotoxic, inflammatory irritants. It is natural, synergistic and phytocomplex.

The regenerative power of nature is the perfect tonic. We know spending time in nature nourishes our soul, it calms our mind and reduces stress and anxiety. Plants are critical to the survival of the planet and the well-being of humans.

It is more than a face oil. It is a delicate blend of lipophilic (fat loving) and hydrophilic (water loving) components and retains all the inherent phytonutrients as it is produced without heat, solvents, refinement or filtration. We have selected plant components that are essential for skin function and blended that with plant super antioxidants.

A tonic; a preparation that invigorates, restores, refreshes or stimulates.

We decided to name this unique skincare essential Vitis V Face TonIQ.

Face because that is where it is used (and neck, décolletage, arms and back of your hands. The areas of your skin that is exposed to the environment, UV light and pollution daily).*

TonIQ with a q instead of a c to differentiate that it is not a beverage. You could drink it and there would nutritional benefits however it is designed to be most beneficial when applied directly onto clean very slightly damp or dry skin. Essential plant only components that nourishes your skin and boosts your well-being.

Vitis V is the abbreviated form of Vitis Vinifera the Latin name for European grapevines. Vitis = Vine and Vinifera from vinifer = wine producing. Celebrating the source of the two functional and potent plant ingredients. Each batch produced by us as required to ensure freshness and potency.

Your essential daily dose of nature's luxury. Vitis V Face TonIQ.

* You can use on all skin areas but our face,neck decolletage hands and arms are exposed daily and require additional care.