Bellebonne - Made by Tasmania

Bellebonne - Made by Tasmania

Bellebonne - Made by Tasmania
The principles of luxury; vision, time, quality, craft, skill, aesthetics, detail, purity and emotive responses apply to Bellebonne. Pronounced Bell-y-bon which means beautiful and good. Made by Tasmania, one of the world’s most pristine natural environments and guided by the heart, intellect, hand and skill of Natalie Fryar.

Method Tasmania, which means the way of Tasmania describes the essence of this unique place and the interconnected relationship of environment, winemaker and wine making. The French term terroir, of which there is no English equivalent encapsulates the whole ecosystem, the climate, soil, grape variety and the people. These are the elements that shape and define a wine. People are as fundamental to terroir as the other components.

Made by Tasmania. Envisioned by Natalie.

Bellebonne is made in the traditional sparkling method with secondary ferment in the bottle and aged on yeast lees for up to 6 years.

The label states "Bellebonne is a belief that good things should be made of beauty and purpose. We hope that this wine speaks of the landscape and seasons that have shaped it, and it shares something honest, elemental and full of wonder about Tasmania"

In the festive season and when celebrating the coming new year we hope that you are able to share some wonder with those you love.

I encourage you to discover the beauty of Tasmania captured by Natalie and held within a sparkling bottle for you to open, share and enjoy.

There are 4 wines within the House of Bellebonne; 

Bellebonne bis Non Vintage Rose'- A choir of vintages and varieties
Bellebonne 2018 Vintage Cuvee - A harmony of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
Bellebonne 2020 Vintage Rose' - A soloist of Pinot Noir
Bellebonne 2016 Blanc de Blancs -The prima donna of Chardonnay

All are delicious and when considering your sparkling purchases let your money travel overseas to Tasmania. You will be delighted.

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Disclosure. Nat and Susan studied wine making at Roseworthy Agriculture College (Now University of Adelaide) Graduating 1991. We have 60 plus years combined of appreciating art, science and luxury.