No Hacks it's about cadence. Vitis V your essential daily dose of nature's luxury. Skincare that is grown.

No Hacks it's about cadence. Vitis V your essential daily dose of nature's luxury. Skincare that is grown.

No Hacks it's about cadence. Vitis V your essential daily dose of nature's luxury. Skincare that is grown.

One of my favourite words is cadence. I love the rhythmic quality of the the word. It sounds like what it is. Rhythm, a regular and repeated pattern, a known consistency of occurrence. This gives confidence and calmness. When the rhythm is known there isn't surprises it appeals to the parasympathetic system, the rest and digest system which carries the signals for your body to relax because there is no danger and no cause for alarm or alertness. There is a sense of safety.

It's what we choose to do daily with consistency and regularity that affects our overall health.This includes our skin.

An important consideration to recognise is hours of study, research, work and deep understanding drawn from 30+ years of winemaking went into the creation of Vitis V Face TonIQ. This knowledge resulted in the ability to distill the ingredients required for functional effective skincare to just two, raw unfermented grapeseed oil and white grapeseed extract that is infused and blended into one powerful naturally occurring skincare essential.

We did this as we believe that no one should be applying industrial synthesised ingredients, petrochemicals including plastics or essential oils onto their skin. The regular and repeated exposure can and does cause damage to skin function as well as creating bio-accumulative and toxic waste.

Each ingredient was researched, chosen and then made with a scientific approach. We are committed to achieving a dual purpose in providing essential skin functional components and minimising the environmental impact, both as a producer and for our customers. Vitis V Face TonIQ is bio-inspired, meaning; inspired by or based on biological structures or processes.

We wanted to make the most effective functional skincare product delivered via a simple routine and to become your essential daily dose of nature's luxury.

Vitis V Face Toniq contains lipophilic (dissolves in fats) and hydrophilic (dissolves in water) components. Our cells are made of a membrane which contains a phospholipid bi layer that it is both lipophilic and hydrophilic. This membrane envelopes cytoplasm that is approximately 80% water. The cell membrane is semi permeable allowing regulation of what enters and exits the cell. Both fat loving and water loving parts of the cell need protection from oxidative reactions.

Each ingredient in Vitis V Face Toniq delivers so much more than a single component.

Raw unfermented grapeseed oil contains naturally occurring skin loving fat loving compounds.

Linoleic acid*- The most important and predominate fatty acid of the epidermis. It is the precursor for the production of ceramides within the skin and has a direct role in skin barrier function and reducing trans epidermal water loss. It is also a structural component of phospholipid in cell membranes of the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of our skin)

Vitamin E* - Includes all 8 fat soluble isoforms with antioxidant activities specifically y-Tocotrienol that is rarely found in other plant oils. Vitamin E protects our membrane lipids which are an integral part of all cell membranes and are vulnerable to damage through lipid peroxidation by free radicals.

Phytosterols - beta–sitosterol stigmasterol and campesterol are the predominate sterols and are responsible for anti-inflammatory effects, including attenuating atopic dermatitis. Beta-sitosterol in vitro has been shown to promoted the biosynthesis of hyaluronic acid and there are pigmentation modulation effects by phytosterols.

Carotenoids* - B-carotene precursor of Vitamin A also known as provitamin A. It is a powerful antioxidant at neutralising ROS (reactive oxygen species) and provides photo-protection, preventing and treating photoaging. Increased concentrations of carotenoids in the stratum corneum lead to slower degradation of collagen Type I. High skin carotenoid concentrations have been linked to more youthful appearance and is a measure of the antioxidant capacity of skin.

Chlorophyll A lipophilic antioxidant. At the nucleus of chlorophyll is magnesium. Magnesium is involved in cell proliferation including keratinocytes (epidermis skin cells), DNA replication, DNA repair and synthesis of collagen.

There are 100’s of other minor phytochemicals in cold pressed raw unfermented grapeseed oil.

* Essential nutrients as our bodies cannot synthesis these compounds from precursors they need be supplied.

Most of the antioxidant capacity is removed in commercial  grapeseed oil production due to processes such as refinement, bleaching and deodorising in the quest for extended shelf life. The crude plant oil is subjected to extreme temperatures 180-210C during commercial production, that is commonly hexane solvent based, for extended periods of time resulting in decomposition of the natural compounds.

Grape seeds are rich in polyphenolic compounds that are water loving mainly from the seed coat

Numerous polyphenolic substances, such as tannins, phenolic acids, stilbenes, and flavonoids, are present in grape seed oil and mainly contains epicatechins, catechins, proanthocyanidins (procyanidin B1) and trans-resveratrol

The low solubility of polyphenolic compounds in oil is the reason that we infuse grape seed extract for 7-10 days and do not filter. This is why Vitis V Face TonIQ is olive brown hazy and has brown flecks.

The known bioactive property of phenolic compounds is the antioxidant capacity. These compounds are capable of scavenging ROS (Reactive oxygen species) free radicals and inhibiting lipid oxidation.The topical application of grape seed extract has been shown to enhance the sun protection factor.

Polyphenolic compounds are able to bind with proteins. Tyrosinase the enzyme involved in pigmentation, collagenase and elastase the enzymes involved with the breakdown of collagen and elastin are proteins. Polyphenols are able to bind with these enzymes and neutralise the physiological process. Proanthocyanidins in grapeseed extract has higher inhibition activity on tyrosinase, collagenase and elastase than other polyphenols.

Proanthocyanidins have the ability to grab and bond to metals known as chelation. As we age iron accumulates in the skin. Iron acts a catalyst for highly reactive oxygen species (ROS) and can severely damage cell constituents and exacerbate oxidative damage. The chelation of iron by proanthocyanidins arrests this oxidation pathway.

There is multiple beneficial actions of topically applied polyphenols of which proathoncyanidins are highly reactive, super antioxidants. Grape seeds are a rich source of proanthocyanidins.

Proanthocyanidins have three important mechanisms for antioxidant action, free radical scavenging activity, chelation of metals and inhibition of enzymes.They have a protective role against lipid peroxidation and have antimicrobial properties.

Vitis V Face TonIQ should be viewed as a complex matrix where synergy exists and the entire entourage of naturally occurring compounds containing both lipophilic and hydrophilic antioxidants is delivered to support and repair the skin.

It is estimated that 80% of the external characteristics of ageing is environmental. UV exposure is a major source of ROS reactive oxygen species which causes oxidative stress in the skin and results in the changes that is called ageing.

We subjected our faces, neck, décolletage and hands to environmental stresses more than any other part of our body as these areas are usually not protected by clothing. That is why sun protection (we recommend using a mineral sunscreen which deflects uva and uvb light) is a fundamental step in skin protection as it mitigates the formation of oxidative stress. In addition to reducing the production of ROS from sun exposure, we also need to ensure our antioxidative status within our skin is sufficient to quench the cascading oxidative reactions that damage cell membranes and DNA which subsequently results in characteristics associated with ageing. Both fat loving and water loving antioxidants are required. Vitis V Face TonIQ your essential daily dose of nature’s luxury. No hacks it's about the consistency and regularity to support skin function.

Applying Vitis V Face TonIQ daily supports skin function with essential naturally occurring compounds that keep their promise.

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